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Established in 1995 and drawing on over 25 years’ surveying experience, Lewis Brown Land Surveyors Somerset provide accurate, cost-effective and timely surveying solutions tailored to meet your exact requirements and budget. Customer service is at the heart of our core values and we strive to develop good working relationships with all our clients.



Topographical Surveys

Critical 3D data, efficiently obtained using the most up-to-date equipment and techniques.
Total Stations, GPS and Laser Scanners enable accurate and reliable information to be provided to our clients in a range of formats.

Measured Building

Measured Building Surveys

Rapid data collection using Laser Scanners and contactless Total Stations enable complex, hard to access and operational buildings to be measured and modelled with minimal disruption. 3D Models, Floor Plans, Elevations & Sections ensure the Design Team are provided with accurate and reliable data right from the start

Control & Monitoring

Control and Monitoring Surveys

High precision survey control is essential to the smooth running of any survey and ongoing project. Our loyal clients rely on the data we provide, so it is essential that we employ well trained and experienced Surveyors that have access to the latest equipment and methods.

Watercourse & Coastal

Watercourse and Coastal Surveys

Dynamic environments create the need for regular monitoring of the embankments and under the surface. Clients can make informed decisions based on the accurate and repeatable data we are able to provide using a combination of surveying techniques coupled with over
15 years experience in this sector

Engineering & Setting Out

Engineering and setting out surveys

Provision of accurate data and coordinates on a Construction Site is paramount. Drainage systems, Road alignments and House plots all benefit from reliable setting out, and give the client confidence. A collaborative approach lays the foundations for a successful development.

Drainage & Utility

Drainage and Utility Surveys

It’s essential to know what’s going on just beneath the surface. Drainage & Utility networks are traced and plotted onto our Topographical Surveys providing the client with highly detailed and comprehensive data that enables them to avoid the dangers that lie beneath.

Core Values